Business Matching Service (BMS) is not something new in this “Flat World”. There are several companies working in this field. They even designed professional software for a quick matching between Buyer and Producer. With good data-base, a BMS company could promptly offer you a product right when you push ENTERS to send your inquiry. So what can make our Vstar BMS exceptional? Normally an ordinary BMS is designed to match an inquiry with generic products available at factory. As result, in many cases we just could not have a perfect match because producers would not be able to always meet the multifarious requirements demanded by consumers. Our Vstar is capable to solve this problem. Thanks to our special connection with Vietnamese producers in wide range of industry we are able to meet all the most subtle demand in all respects: specifications, packing, order quantity, delivery time etc. A simple example: It


Niche business, together with Niche market and Niche product, is a wonderful approach for a small company to thrive in fierce market competition. It is really the best way to get started building your business if you don’t have a big budget and are bootstrapping your business. Unlike conglomerates that target the masses, niche businesses cater to highly defined markets that are often over-looked, underserved or disenfranchised by larger competitors. It targets on very specific group of people with a very specific common shared interest or passion or desire. Here is the way you make your Niche business a hit. Create a Simple Service A simple service is a singular offering that focuses on the needs of a narrowly defined customer base. Whether you yearn to be the premier manufacturer of dog lingerie? or the industry-leading producer of edible Christmas tree ornaments, make sure you can easily answer these questions:


1. Introduction Soil quality can be defined as “its working capacity” (Karlen et al., 1997), in other words its ability to encourage the flow of water and nutrients, to physically support plant life and to act as a medium in which plants, microorganisms and nutrient cycles can coexist and contribute towards maintaining biodiversity (Andrews et al., 2004; Colomer and Sánchez, 2001). The practice of a rational mineral fertilization that is compatible with organic biostimulant products not only helps feed the plants, but also improves the fertility of the soil. What is more, some organic molecules can have direct positive effects upon the plants by acting as biostimulants as regards their growth and root production, and they can even protect them against pathogenic microorganisms. 2. C‐VIDA Technology. The combined effect of C‐MOV Technology and beneficial effect metabolites with direct effects upon the plants C‐VIDA Technology represents a synergetic effect between C‐MOV